Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

It's time for a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I suggest new features?

Just hit on Facebook or send an email. We're always happy to hear new ideas.

How can I send a note to a friend?

You can send notes via email, Twitter, Kik, Facebook and others. Just use "send note" and choose a sending option.

I accidently deleted the app from my device. Is all my data lost now?

No worries.

PREMIUM users enjoy the benefit of a full online backup. Notes won't be lost even if the whole device is gone.

With PRO and FREE you can simiply intall the app again on the same device. Your notes will automatically recovered, Note Monger creates back up copies to your SD-card once a day.

Is an ad-free version of the app available?

To keep Note Monger available for free we use ads. You can purchase an upgrade to an ad-free version. With the upgrade you also get password protected notes and gesture search.

How do I delete a note?

There is a delete icon next to each note. Also, when browsing notes you can long-tap on a note to choose from a set of actions, deletion is available there.

How do I edit a note?

In the list of notes just tap the note once to show it with in full detail. Tap it again to edit the note text.

How do I add a note?

There are many ways to add a note.

First of all, you can start the Note Monger app and tap the icons to create text notes, photo notes or reminder notes.

Text Note
Reminder Note
Photo Note

To use the voice feature simply tap the mic icon and speak.

Voice Recognition

For fast access you can place the widget on your home screen and use the widget to add and create notes. Furthermore, you can create notes from other applications. For example, you can note down a website link right from your browser send-to function.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Adjust text size in notes

Users requested adjustable text size, large text improves notes visibility on some devices. Text size is adjustable now.

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