Sunday, November 20, 2011

Starting off: a note taking app for Android

Have you ever wanted a note taking app that really does it? With a small device like the HTC Wildfire it is difficult to find a decent Android note taking app. This is how Note Monger startet off: free and easy to use, working well on small devices and helping you to stop forgetting things.

Most note apps floating around are over-killing on what you really want. Some are brain dumps with no way out once all your data is in there. Others are sophisticated task lists, though no linking up with your other apps. Yet others are plain simple text editors. Note Monger much more on the spot. It helps you remembering all the small things in life: it gives you notes, task lists with reminders, photo notes and, most of all, easy handling. Just what we think a note taking app should be like.

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