Monday, January 16, 2012

Top secret - password protection for your notes

A premium feature of the app is password protection.

When you feel a note requires extra safety you can now password-protect it and keep private info in notes.
Jot down things you do not want to forget and also others must not find out about, e.g when you device is lost. Examples:
  • You can safely store login data: create a note titled 'logins and pins' and store user names, access numbers and the likes in the note text. The note title will be visible and can be easily searched for. The note data is safe and can be accessed only via password. 
  • You can keep a list of present ideas in a note without risking your partner to see the ideas, even when sharing your smartphone with her/him.
  • You can use Note Monger as a password pad. Store all your passwords in private notes, remember one password instead of twenty.

Password protected notes are encrypted with an industry standard AES formula. Consider it safe... There is no back door or hacking - so don't forget the note's password! To use password protection download the app and upgrade to premium.

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